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Image by Dan Cristian Pădureț

Fuvvy Duvvy World (FDW) Sports, trusts that sporting organisations will provide a safe environment for children to participate and excel in sports, irrespective of race, culture, identity, gender, or disability.

While we primarily function as a database, that collects information on sporting organisations spanning the nation.

Our objective is to inform parents, children, and young people of the diverse range of sporting activities, that are accessible throughout their local or neighboring communities.

So it's fundamentally imperative for all sporting organisations to build frameworks that strengthen organisational values - enabling the infrastructural growth of grassroots sports - which undoubtedly will lead to significant opportunities, where the next generation are able to flourish and prosper.

In addition, the implementation of necessary safeguarding policies that protect our children from all forms of abuse in sports is paramount.

Because, no child should have to endure mistreatment, whereby hinders a minor's natural development within their preferred sport of choice.

In view of the fact that they're our destined contenders, medallists, icons, and heroes - who entail will go on to inspire future generations.

Thank You,

FDW Sports

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